First, find the Travel Pass of your choice. You can purchase the pass online by filling out a booking form and paying for the pass.  Upon submitting the form and full payment you will be issued a Travel Pass Number (TPN).  You will then contact us 24 hours prior to your trip to request and reserve a seat.  In case you purchased a Value Pass, you will provide us all your travel dates prior to your first trip).

*You need to mention your TPN in all your future correspondence with us.

Yes, you can. A deposit of 20% of the total pass value is required to secure booking at the current price. You will receive an email immediately confirming receipt of your booking. However the balance is required 1 month before your first date of travel. Then you will receive a booking confirmation email with your Travel Pass Number (TPN).
Deposit is non-refundable.
Travel Pass Number or TPN is the primary reference number for all inquiries regarding your trip. TPN is included in the automated email (towards the bottom) you receive with the full payment and purchase of a Travel Pass. You will reference the TPN when you contact us for seat servation and confirmation before a trip.
With a Travel Pass Number, you can book your seat according to your travel plans (dates and locations).  In order to book your seat you need to send us the following travel details 24 hours prior to your trip:

  • Travel Pass Number (TPN)
  • Full name 
  • Number of travellers
  • Hop-on hop-off locations & dates

via email to booking@hoponlanka.com or SMS to +

Then we will send you confirmation message Save it on your smartphone (or print it) to show to the passenger assistant or chauffeur when boarding the bus.

Note: In the event you purchased a Value Pass, you are required to provide all your travel dates prior to your first trip.  For all other passes, you can request a seat up to 24 hours prior to your travel.

*Without your seat confirmation message you can’t get on the bus.
*You must also present your passport as proof of photo ID – Passport

Your pass is valid for 1 year before your first day of travel and you must complete your travel within 1 month from the first day of your travel.
Hop-On Lanka buses travel in one direction in a circular route around Sri Lanka. If you have bought a pass that allows for unlimited trips, you may use them any number of times to complete one trip around our circular route. In essence, you will not be able to repeat a trip or sector that you have already taken.
Yes, you can book up to 10 persons together. We will issue only one Travel Pass Number and all must travel together.
Where you sit in the bus is up to you and what seats vacant when you get on. If you have requested and confirmed seats you can rest assured that there will be a seat for you, Walk-on seats are available only after booked clients are boarded.
Please limit your luggage to one reasonable sized suitcase or backpack per person with a maximum weight of 20kgs. Carry-on bag or your day pack should not weigh more than 10kgs.
Hop-On Lanka endeavor to adhere to our timetable as close as possible. However there may be delays due to factors beyond our control. You are advised to be present at least 20 minutes prior to departure. We will try our best to notify of any significant delays.
In addition to hop-on, hop-off locations, we stop at places where you can buy snacks, fruits & drinks, stretch your legs and use the toilet.
You can hop-on and hop-off at any of our scheduled stops (see the timetable). Other pickups or dropoffs are accomodated only if the schedule permits.
We operate one bus or van within each sector daily.
Our passes are valid for 1 month from the first date of your travel.  You may extend it subject to our Terms & Conditions.
No. We will not be able to change passes after purchase. Therefore, if you are unsure about your plans and have not already made your travel arrangements, we recommend that you purchase a Flexi Pass that will allow for changes.
A Travel Pass Number is only valid for the person whose name it was originally issued for and are non-transferrable. You will be ID checked when boarding the bus. Exceptions may be made for genuine reasons.
No refunds will be provided if you fail to inform us of any amendments to your booking or fail to report at the hop-on location. We recommend that you arrive at the hop-on location 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
Our primary objective is to provide transport. However, if you make a request before your arrival in Sri Lanka we will be able to help you in finding accommodation that suits your budget.
Our hop-on and off stops are conveniently located where you can easily hire a tuk tuk to your hotel or guesthouse.
Our suggestion is to make prior arrangements with your hotel or guesthouse for a shuttle service. Or, we can pre-arrange this service for you at an extra cost.
Yes, Our busses are fitted with power ports and commercial grade high-speed 4G/3G Wi-Fi units.
See our crew&buses page for more details
We will do our best to take you to the next location using the best available mode of transport. A replacement bus will be available within 24 hours.